Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Mom Who Embellishes on Facebook:

Put on facebook:  We remodeled our entire family room.

Actually:  I picked up all the toys for the first time in two years and discovered we had a different color of carpeting than what I had remembered.

Put on facebook:  I had lost over 50 pounds and was feeling terrific.

The truth:  I left the trunk open in our car coming home from Best Buy and our new television fell out on the tollway. It weighed about 50 pounds and I feel terrific that the police aren’t pressing charges for the 21 car pile-up I started.

Put on Facebook:  You may remember my telling you about our trip to California and how it gave us all stomach flutters to see wave after wave.

Actually:  We all had supper one night at the California Pizza Kitchen and got food poisoning and the wave after wave was actually…well you get the idea.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015



I am always interested in how we as women rationalize our sin and I certainly see myself in the reasoning at times. 

A seminary student told us she is going to the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie because anually she watches the Oscars. She likes to have watched each film that year, so she can make an honest opinion if the Oscars have chosen correctly on the winners.

Are there any redeeming characteristics to porn? No. Good porn is an oxymoron.

Some of my acquaintances have complained about their husband watching porn, but they have gone alone or with their husband to every PG-13 (yes some of them are raunchy at least at the plot level if not more) and R Rated movie, without saying, "No." Maybe they did not watch it to make their husband happy, maybe they wanted to watch it for themselves. They are now worried because their husband is watching porn even though they have been watching it with their husband for 25 years.

Porn is not going to help you, your husband or your marriage. The old excuse that it's "just the two of you" is not going to impress God. It's not "just the two of you", it's also the two or twenty people in the porn pictures or film.

Some feel as though because they have not said, "No" in the past, it would be hypocritical or too hard to start now. What if your kids used that reasoning about something they need to quit?

If you haven't started saying, "No," the time to start is now.

It's porn.

I have heard the compromise excuse that somehow there is only five bad scenes in a certain movie. If those scenes were put into flash frozen photos and made into a magazine, it would be 100 pages of porn.

At first many thought Fifty Shades of Grey was a man's fantasy, but actually the books and movies are targeted to women. In the interest of never denying ourselves in Modern America, isn't it interesting that instead of flourishing, we have encased ourselves as slaves from some time travel to the past, gone horrid, like torture chambers from the Middle Ages.

The truth or should I say, the trick here is that Hollywood is teaching to love a woman is to torture a woman. The real truth is a woman bleeding from being beaten with a whip is hate, not love.

God is against porn, but not to take your happiness away. Porn is like drinking a swimming pool full of pickle juice to quench your thirst.
In the end you will not be satisfied, instead it will bring destruction and death to a relationship.

A revival is a husband and wife turning to Christ in complete humility and saying we are lost and undone without you. We desperately need Christ in our relationship for He and He alone is the source of love, hope, honesty, and true intimacy.

"Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me." Psalms 51:10

Leanne's Caramelized Onion Quesadilla

What's for dinner?   

Leanne's Caramelized Onion Quesadilla

5 large sweet or yellow onions, peeled and cut into thin slices, caramelized with 2 TB of brown sugar.  Caramelizing onions on stove top in a frying pan takes about 1 hour on low heat, stirring every 10 minutes.  Don't leave the kitchen!

                        Leanne and her sister waiting for their onions to caramelize

Package of soft tortillas (can use spinach tortillas)
Low fat Mozzarella Cheese  Some of the family will put a TB of
1/3 lb. of chicken breast cooked with taco seasoning/water, shred your meat

This is very good also with just caramelized onions and cheese and microwaved for 25 seconds.

To show you what the caramelized onions look like  Click here
I caramelize mine with 1 TB coconut oil and a little water and the brown sugar.

Serve with a chopped salsa, fresh tomato or avocado.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Our Son Stood Strong

'Twas a February day in an Illinois middle school classroom, Carleton Washburne School, where one of our older sons was a student.

The teacher asked all those opposing abortion to line up on one side of the room and those that saw no problem with this perfectly "legal" option on the other side.

More and more stipulations were given and more students went to the pro-abortion
side of the classroom.  

When at last our son was the only remaining student on the pro-babies, pro-life side of the classroom.  

Shaming, bullying, and intimidation was used to tell him how simply being the minority, the only one, was reason for him to believe he was wrong.  He stood strong.  

God loves all babies.  We love all babies.

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart". Deut. 6:5-6

Thursday, December 18, 2014

10 Reasons Why Mom Gets Distracted in December

Take a break for a bit of humor today.

During the holidays dads are thinking about playoff games and kids are dreaming about Christmas vacation, but Mom’s mind is definitely somewhere else…
1. While everyone else stampedes through stores at 4:00 AM the day after Thanksgiving to buy this year’s most popular toy, Mom is still trying to remember where she hid last year’s most popular toy.  Read the other nine.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Postcard from God Devotional

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thanksgiving Postcard from God Devotional

It was 10:00 a.m. the day before Thanksgiving. In just a few hours the doors to our inner-city church would open, and we would host our urban neighbors, many of whom were Native Americans, to a free Thanksgiving dinner.

We were making last-minute preparations when we heard a loud knock at the front door. Another interruption, we thought as we trudged toward the door. When we opened the door, we were greeted by two delivery men from Sears.

"Will you sign for this?" one of the men asked as he shoved a clipboard our way.

"Sure, what is it?"

"A freezer," he answered.

"We didn't order a freezer."

"Someone did," he said. With that, he and his burly partner pushed past us and wheeled a full-length deep freeze up the steep steps and into our church.

As we studied the invoice, we discovered a sister church, New Hope Church in Crystal, MN, had purchased the appliance for us. That's strange, we thought. They never told us it was coming.

Our minds returned to the Thanksgiving dinner. Within a few hours, the first flakes of snow started coming down. In Minnesota in late November, that can mean anything from a dusting to three-foot snow drifts. On this particular day, it meant the worst. By 4:00 p.m., the flakes had turned into a major-league blizzard. The timing couldn't have been worse. By that late hour, all the food for our dinner had been prepared—a dozen turkeys, nearly a hundred pounds of mashed potatoes, and scores of piping-hot pies.

But we had no one to eat any of it. All our food and effort was about to go to waste.

That's when we remembered the gift we had received only hours earlier. We wrapped the food and carried it upstairs to our new storage freezer. One week later we held the postponed dinner and served a hot Thanksgiving meal to a church packed with grateful neighbors and needy friends.

Looking back, we realize we received more than an appliance from a department store that day. We received a postcard from God.

What's a postcard from God? It's one of those providential, serendipitous events that appear in our lives, marriage and family—a reminder that God has not forgotten us. For us, it's like receiving a short note that reads, "Dear Cheryl and Bob, I was thinking of you today. Just thought I'd let you know. Love, Your heavenly Father."

The ways in which he sends these timely postcards are as unpredictable as they are amazing. The net effect seems always the same: to encourage and strengthen us, often when we need it the most.

Piles of unwanted junk mail are delivered daily. As catalogs, sales brochures, newspapers, and a host of other materials accumulate on our desks, our goal is to dispose of the piles as quickly as possible. In the same way, our lives, our marriages, our families, and schedules can become cluttered with carpools, shopping, taking care of kids, exercising, committee meetings, weekly deadlines, and urgent calls to make. Our goal can become simply to get through the day.

In the midst of sorting through such clutter, it's easy to overlook the simple notes our heavenly Father sends to remind us of his love. When we take the time to sort through "coincidences" of my life, we discover simple but much-needed messages reminding us, "I love you. I haven't forgotten you."

Signed, Your God.

By Cheryl and Bob Moeller

Saturday, November 15, 2014

8 Reasons to Stay Home on Thanksgiving and Black Friday

I have never been shopping on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday.
Here's my 8 reasons why:

1. With deals not all that great, the retailers are not winning and neither are the
2. It's crazy dangerous for three thirty something sisters, reunited Thanksgiving week to
be out shopping at 2:00 a.m.  
3. The thrill seeking of shopping super deals is lessened knowing that you have just run in front of a
single mom who won't get a toy for her child if you grab the deal first.
4. It's not safe nor smart to wrestle someone to the ground for a free sample of cheese spray.
5. Thanksgiving has always been "it's a gift to be simple celebration." The harvest is in
and we give thanks to God with a grateful heart. Let's keep it that way or cancel it
6. It's an intergenerational holiday gathering to unconditionally love your friends and family.
7. Its hard to run or walk in the mall after a Thanksgiving killer family football game.
8.  Missions need you the other 364 days of the year also, but volunteering on the day of
thanksgiving with your family is about as pure and sweet as it gets. This year start a meaningful holiday tradition your children will never forget and will repeat. Your Thankgiving dinner will taste better because others will have a Thanksgiving Dinner, love, hugs, and the Gospel message.

Remember the dangers involved in shopping the sales?  Instead risk it for something important.  

The only way retailers are going to close Thanksgiving Day is if no one
shops.  If I don't go, I am voting that the stores will stay closed until Thanksgiving
is officially over.